90° and a the longest 10 miles ever

Since I spent the weekend recovering from CrossFit, I decided that I would make up for my lost long run and do it today.  Like my usual day off, I slept in.  I ended up going out just before noon.  It was already 86° out.  By the end of my run, it was 90°.  I used a Nathan Hydration belt.  I put some Powerade in the bottles and put them in the freezer a couple days ago.  They felt nice on my waist.  I also took along a disposable water bottle with Powerade, that I stuck in the fridge last night.  I wanted to have the extra fluid but be able to chuck the bottle.

I ran at a very comfortable pace for 4.5 miles.  Then I began to walk.  I ran, I walked, I ran, I walked.  I never felt out or breath, or fatigue.  It was just crazy hot and sweat was dripping off me.  I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.  Even the breezes I could catch were warm.  Ewww….  Even the Powerade had melted and was warm.  I figured as long as I banked the miles, I was accomplishing something.  Here’s how my splits ended up with the walking:


Not fantastic, but I covered the milage, and survived.  I had a bit of juice left in me at the end to push a faster pace, and mostly because I could not wait to be done.  Lessons learned:  I really have to get up and go early if I’m going to do a long run.  It’s going to be warm in Florida, no matter what.  But it’s best if I can avoid the sun.  Oh, and I learned that I hate the auto-pause feature on my Garmin FR220.  It kept pausing while I was walking.  I will be turning that off from now on.


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I'm a nurse who loves to run.
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One Response to 90° and a the longest 10 miles ever

  1. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    ugh. miserable. i can’t even imagine. i struggled on sunday and that was with getting up at o’dark’thirty.

    you are 100% right, you did it, banked the miles and it will help you prep for running in the heat in a few weeks. heat training is the same as altitude/endurance training. way to get it done!!!

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