A little night reading

Today is the anniversary of when I ran my first (and only) marathon in Toronto.


This past Sunday was the Toronto GoodLife Fitness Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.  My sister and her hubs ran their second 5k.  So proud of them!


I had a 12 mile long run planned on Sunday, but I had a popped tire last Friday and ended up having to replace all my tires.  So my head was in a funk from the stress of it all, and runners know that mental roadblocks are the worst.  Especially when you have a long run.  I ended up running just under 3 miles, slow, and sluggish.  Which kinda blows because the weather was an amazing 61°.  Stress will do that to you.  It’s funny, because usually exercise/running helps you alleviate stress.  But when training becomes something you need to be intense and focus on, mental stress can de-rail you.

I ran a short 3 miler after work yesterday.  Since I was bummed about losing my long run, I decided that I would be a little more focused on this one.  It was 86°, sunny, and miserable.  But I just pushed myself through the heat.  It was a decent run, and I felt really good after.

I also bought a book yesterday:

IMG_6763 2

The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training

I tend to be a Kindle or Audible.com type of reader.  But those types of books often get forgotten.  Also reading something on a screen may affect you falling asleep at night (so I hear).  And there’s just something about having a book in hand to read, to highlight, to bookmark.  I read some decent reviews on Amazon.com about this book.  I looked at a few different options for a marathon training book.  But I found that this was the most basic.  Since I have a nine months to prepare for the Disney Marathon, and run a few half marathons later this year, I figured it was time to take a few steps back.  Bring my running back to basics and have somewhat of a foundation or knowledge to build the training on, even if it’s repeated info.  I did like some of the information I learned from Run Less, Run Faster, but I find that their approach is a bit too intense, and too technical.  Running, for me, is supposed to be fun.  The little goals and challenges I set for myself are meant to be fun.



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6 Responses to A little night reading

  1. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    i’m so interested to hear how you like the book! i love reading about running, it lets me focus on it even more than i already do 🙂

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