Training Journal


Just got this marathon training journal in the mail.  I ordered it a couple of days ago, and it’s officially autographed by Kara Goucher!  Not a reprint of her signature, it was actually signed with a pen by her.  I’m such a geek with these things.  It’s a journal and training plan in one.  I’ve glanced through some of the pages, but haven’t officially began to read it because I haven’t had the time yet.  But I’m very excited to use it.

This week has been very busy and crazy for me with work.  I’ve had to stay late for two days this week, which is very rare.  So by the time I’ve gotten home and had supper, I’ve been too tired to read my new marathon training book.  And the other downfall to that was I only got to run twice this week.  But I did go to CrossFit twice also.  I guess two running days and two CrossFit days are good.  It could be worse.


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I'm a nurse who loves to run.
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4 Responses to Training Journal

  1. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    that’s so awesome! does it just have one generic plan or are there several ones to choose from? i love Kara!

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