10 miles reloaded and a Mothers’ Day shoutout

Just as the sun was peaking this morning, I set out to overcome 10 miles.  My last 10 mile run was hot, exhausting, and very slow.  Today, it was better.  It was already 72°, and by the end was about 76° and overcast, so a bit more tolerable, but not really.  Sweat was dripping off my arms. I tried using Nuun in the strawberry lemonade flavor as my hydration.  I mixed it into a 16 oz disposable bottle and made another batch that I froze in my two 9 oz bottles, for my hydration belt.  It takes some getting used to because it’s not sweet.  I’m used to using powerade or gatorade.  And well, Nuun just has a hint of a flavor and is a touch fizzy on the tongue.  It didn’t upset my stomach and I didn’t feel like I had to drink it too often.  Here’s a side by side comparison of the previous 10 miler and today’s:


Recently reading the Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training, there’s a section where it talks about running for you, doing what you can, not comparing yourself to others etc.  And that’s something I need to remember and tell myself.  I can only do, what I can do.  This week I ran a total of 15.59 miles.  Plus 1200m run in a CrossFit class.  And I was able to attend 2 classes this week, in between the 56 hours I worked.  So, even though I should have gotten a bit more running in.  I’m pleased that I was able to do something almost each day this week.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of my Sunday off.

And HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all the super-moms out there especially the runner-moms.  Always amazes me how they can push strollers and run at the same time 😉

I was so glad that I was able to have my first marathon back home last year and have the support of my family, that includes my own amazing mother and super-mom sisters who (I’d like to think) I’ve influenced to start running.  To Laur and Donna, looking forward to all your running goals and accomplishments and I can’t wait to be there to run alongside you!  Pick a race!


My super-mom sisters and my mom, (and two of my sweet little nephews)

My sweet mom treating me to a much needed foot massage

My sweet mom treating me to a much needed foot massage after the Toronto Marathon 2013



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I'm a nurse who loves to run.
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One Response to 10 miles reloaded and a Mothers’ Day shoutout

  1. ginadawn says:

    your mom is so cute!!!

    what an awesome run! girl it was crazy hot today, even super early. so proud of you and your strong run! that book sounds so great, thanks for sharing some of the tips 🙂

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